Top 10 Weird Funny Pictures You Can't Explain

There are so many interesting things that you can find on the internet, including some really bizarre stuff and unusual designs. But these funny weird images simply remain unexplained.

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The New Mini Pet Trend ❥❥❥

Apparently, bananas are the new pet fashion as you see in this funny weird picture.

How on Earth did the elephant even manage to get up there?

One can only wonder if he stole these pants from a giant.

Apparently, some people can go to sleep anywhere. Why wait to get to a bed? Hilarious lol

We all know how this feels like. Animal's shouldn't drink, especially funny dogs!

There’s nothing worse than when you have to withdraw money, and the fox that is standing before you in the already long line has to check every single account. Those animals!

It makes you wonder what actually happened here before the photo was taken. Perhaps, we don't want to know.

Most people would agree that there are definitely better ways to relieve yourself from stress... than drilling own brain!

Even Wolverine himself would probably say to this: “Dude, that’s too much.”

The point of musical chairs is to put yourself on the chair when the music stops, and not a whole bunch of other chairs. Some people apparently have their own way of playing games.