Top 10 Funny Dog Pictures With Captions That Make You Laugh Like Crazy. Just Innocent Dog Shaming.

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Dog Couple's Remorse... Hilarious ❥❥❥

Funny dog signs:

He:  have shamed my family

She: I probably helped

Photo caption:

Dad: I took my teeth out and left then on the end table.

Doggy:  I ate my dad's teeth! - yum yum

Picture caption:

My dog is really smart. He knows when he hears the word vet. Unfortunately, he's not that smart in choosing a hiding place.


The shower curtain was too long so I fixed it. - Ellie


I've eaten so many LEGOS, I could poop a Star Wars Ship!

Picture caption:

Killed Yoda I did.

The force was with me. Dublin

Picture caption:

I don't like to run with mom - faked leg injuries. Cost lots of $ in vet bills - vet caught on - treats gone :(

Dog sign's quote:

I opened the door and let a robber in.


I sneak under the fence so my mom makes me wear this...

Dog quotes:

I jumped into a strangers car and stole a hamburger from someone's hands.

Picture caption:

I stick my head though the shower curtain and lick people's bums while they aren't looking.