10 Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas For That Special VIP

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A bucket list party is such a fun way to celebrate a 40th birthday. Millions of people have created a bucket list, with a selection of things to do before they die. A 40th birthday marks roughly the middle of life, so it’s an ideal opportunity to tick another few items off the list. If you choose to throw a bucket list party, there are several options available. One option is to get all the guests to group together to pay for one of the bigger items on the list as a gift for the person turning 40 – such as riding in a hot air balloon or going on safari. Alternatively, at the 40th birthday party, surprise the birthday boy or girl by arranging a smaller activity from the list for everyone to get involved in! Whether it’s having a chocolate fountain or hiring a petting zoo, arranging to tick another item off the bucket list at the 40th birthday party is a thoroughly generous idea for only the most special people in your life!

Every milestone birthday is an opportunity to take stock and appreciate everything that life has had to offer so far - and turning 40 is no different! A wonderful surprise which will touch the heart of any man or woman turning 40 is to enlist the help of friends and family in the weeks and months leading up to the event. By compiling a selection of messages, memories and well-wishes from people who have played a prominent role throughout the 40 year old's life, you will be creating a very special gift and a cherished keepsake; presenting them with this at their party will be the highlight of the evening. This idea is wonderful because the effort that you will have gone to will make them feel very special, indeed.

This birthday party is suitable for the females who are fashion savvy from her teenage years up to now. Although... please don't shock the guests who will walk down the catwalk. After arranging the stage, and the seats for the guests, close friends and family of the celebrator will walk one by one and give their messages. The party will surely be unique and fun-filled!

Does the celebrator always mention a place that he or she wants to go to? If the fees will not be that exorbitant, why not grant the request? It may be wise to plan it early so that you'll get the best deals including tickets, meals, and accommodation. And if you can afford to, why not take the whole family. After all, birthdays are more fun when spent with loved ones!

What can be more mesmerizing than seeing wonderful shapes in the dark sky? If it's possible for you to organize a pyrotechnics event (even for just a really sort while), it'll be a great way to deliver your message of appreciation to him or her. Imagine how nice it will be for the whole family to lie down and watch as the sky lights up.

This idea requires a fair amount of planning and preparation, but you will end up with one of the most magical birthday parties ever for anyone who is turning 40. Take a look back at their life so far by creating a ‘This is your life’ themed affair, with a big red book filled with memories and photos. Of course, introducing special friends and family one by one will come as a shock to the person turning 40, but it really will make them feel like an incredibly special VIP!

One of the most thoughtful, touching surprises that anyone can receive is something which relates to their childhood. For a complete surprise that the person turning 40 won't be expecting, arrange a surprise party at their favourite childhood location, or a place which meant a lot to them growing up. Whether it's on a beach, at a family holiday destination, or somewhere even more unique, nothing will come as more of a surprise than a party with all the friends and family at a location which used to mean so much. This is guaranteed to leave them feeling loved, important and very, very special!

Does the celebrant love to sing? May be he or she loses control once music and microphone are involved. If that's the case, then why not indulge the birthday person! It does not have to be grand, simply arrange a stage and hire a band for the instruments. Get the playlist ready using his or her favorite songs. And of course, the invitations should be VIP concert tickets!

Everyone who turns 40 deserves to be spoilt in one way or another, as reaching the age of 40 is quite an achievement. A fantastic idea for a way in which to surprise them is by taking them out for a meal at a fancy restaurant - somewhere a little more posh than you usually go, or a restaurant that they've always fancied visiting. Arrange to have a group of close family and friends already waiting at the venue for a truly special celebration.

How else can a person keep his or her youthful body and mind? By working out of course! So, why not surprise the woman of the hour by organizing an impromptu Zumba session? Or may be take the 40 year old man in his favorite fitness gym and give him a free subscription for his birthday month!