15 Elagant Wedding Reception Centerpieces With Most Unique Ideas

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Giant wine glasses are guaranteed to make an impact at your wedding reception! This incredibly creative idea for centerpieces can be filled with flowers, lights or anything else that your imagination can come up with!

Wheat is so cheap and easy to source, but when it is gathered together in bunches it creates a wonderful soft effect which is perfect for wedding table centerpieces. This is a particularly good idea for country or rustic style weddings, especially if you want to fill up a large amount of table space with a single item.

Tall wedding reception centerpieces work brilliantly as they allow guests who are sitting at opposite sides of the table to still see each other and interact. That's why tall glass vases make the ideal table centerpieces; place cascading flowers such as orchids in the top for an expensive, sophisticated look that is still very practical.

Too many wedding table centrepieces are very clean and simple to look at, so try something different by channelling a bit of ornate Gothic style. Highly decorated, polished candelabras look fantastic when offset against dripping white candles. This idea is so simple to pull off, but it creates a seriously dramatic look.

If you're holding your wedding reception during Fall, harness those bright seasonal colors by gathering fresh leaves to use on your tables as centerpieces. Either leave them attached to their twigs for a textured three-dimensional effect that can be placed in jars or vases, or scatter them along the table for a really vibrant, rustic effect. Using the season as inspiration is a very common idea when coming up with themes for weddings and decorations, so this is a great way to do it with color and fun.

One of the most unique table centerpiece ideas in existence is to use goldfish bowls, complete with fish. This doesn't have to be kept for a nautical theme, either - pair the bowls with flowers or decorations in your chosen colors to tie everything together. This is a really interactive centerpiece idea, as they will keep your guests entertained and mesmerized for hours - especially the kids! No other table decorations will have quite the same feeling of movement and fun as living animals, so consider goldfish bowls if you want something really entertaining. This is a wonderful, unique idea, but you have to be prepared to take the fish home and care for them all afterwards!

If your wedding is going to fall around Christmas, then consider investing in some Christmas decorations to carry the festive theme through your wedding. Baubles make fantastic wedding table centerpieces that you can put together yourself - it's very quick and easy. However, they can be used as cheap wedding reception centerpieces at other times of year, as well. Simply pick baubles to match your color theme and arrange them in a bowl for a bright, sparkly decoration. Whatever the month of your wedding, if you are able to plan far enough ahead, then try to pick up some baubles in the January sales - you'll create an exciting centerpiece and save yourself money in the process!

Who said table centrepieces have to be expensive floral arrangements? One of the most simple wedding reception centerpiece ideas that you can have is to scatter your table with candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. The effect will be fantastic, and you'll create a really cosy, intimate, romantic atmosphere. This idea is also very cheap, especially as it means you'll be able to save elsewhere on other forms of lighting.

Delicately beautiful, this decoration charms anyone who beholds it. You can make it yourself, by relocating a curly willow in a clear vase and beautifying it with hand-made or printed paper butterflies you attach on the twigs with mini clothes pins. Throw into the vase some moss and pebbles for special effect.

Who says vases are just for flowers? Fill a few round and square transparent vases with sand, shells, and sand dollars and you will enrich your wedding reception décor without breaking the bank.

Dust off your old books, pile them up, and put to rest between their sheets dainty flowers. If you look hard in your library, you may find enough hardbacks for the job, so you won’t have to visit an old bookshop.

Lock beauty away in a cage and what will you get? An amazingly elegant wedding reception centerpiece. Baby’s breath (gypsophila) is a great wedding flower, but you can experiment with other flowers and colors as well.

If you're lucky enough to hold your wedding reception at a seaside location, it's likely that you'll carry some of that theme throughout your decorations. One great idea is to display pebbles, shells, driftwood and even sand in creative arrangements to create your centerpieces, which will bring some of the seaside to you. This is a really fun idea as it gives you the opportunity to go for countless walks along the seafront in the run-up to your wedding, in order to look for items to include!

Beautiful in white and even more beautiful after dark, when a bright led glows mysteriously from within the paper petals, handmade lotus flowers with flickering tea lights are a great choice for elegant wedding reception centerpieces – your visitors won’t take their eyes off them.

Centerpieces don't have to be placed straight on to the top of tables' surfaces. You'll have a whole lot of empty space above the tables - and your heads - which is just begging to be used, so fill it with suspended centrepieces! This quirky twist on traditional centerpieces can include flowers, jars, twigs, lights and more, so it's a fantastic way to be creative with your wedding table centerpiece ideas.