Top 10 Cool Unusual Hotels That Are Awesome To Stay In For An Amazing Vacation Experience

Are you into fancy, luxurious and most impressive hotels? Or are you adventurous when it comes to a place to sleep and relax during travel? If the answer is yes to the second question, read on! These amazingly cool hotels are so unusual you wouldn't have imagined them in the first place...

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The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho ❥❥❥

The Inn is located at a location with a witty name-Idaho! The unusual inn itself is a nine-meter-tall eagle, named Sweet Willy. The dog themed-Inn has a single room for the guests, with a queen bed, and two twin beds in a loft. The toilet is disguised as a massive red fire hydrant!

This unusual East African hotel hacks back to the 1930s. The most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is the beautiful creatures- Giraffes, which turn up and lick your plates clean!

This classic resort is based in Finland, high up above the Arctic Circle, with some of the world's most amazing hotel rooms. The secluded logged cabin village gives you a clear view of the snow cover and ice.

Built in 1979, this deluxe hotel derives its name from the time frame, ‘9 hours’. Guests are expected to sleep for only nine hours in this weird hotel. You can however rent the capsules for up to 17 if you feel like you need more hours of sleep.

You definitely never wish to live like a hamster but if you do, look no further than La Villa Hamster. This strange hotel has a haystack bed, a suspended foot operator water bottle, and a Hamster wheel for two.

On the edge of the national reserve, this unique unusual hotel is seemingly suspended impossibly in the air, looking like it’s about to tip over. Surprisingly, this small beautiful hotel that can only house eight people, has won several design and travel awards.

If you want to get a feel of prison’s life, Karosta Prison Hotel is the place to be. This prison was closed in 1967, after serving as a lock up for military prisoners for nearly a decade. There are a total of four levels on offer with each level offering a different level of discomfort. The premium package, for instance, lets you be beaten and literally locked up in a prison room. Whatever makes you happy; it’s your choice in this weird hotel.

This underground caved suite is 220 feet deep- so deep that it lacks natural light and any life forms. The limestone carving in which this amazing hotel is contained filters the air through by rendering dry air. Guests are treated to a living space, a bathroom, and some nice beds. Sleeping in this hotel will cost you $800 a night.

In the 1970s, these capsules were used as oil-rig survivor pods, but have now been repurposed to become hotel rooms. These unusual rooms are only 4.25 meters wide. They basically have a lock on the door, and an emergency chemical toilet inside.

Located on a private island in Fiji, Poseidon Undersea is the world’s first sea floor resort. It resides 40 feet below the surface of the clear blue Fiji lagoon, with underwater suites accessible by elevator. One can feed the fish and even turn on sparkling underwater lights, by pushing certain buttons. Remarkable views of the ocean are possible due to the fact that that 70% of each suite is covered in acrylic walls. Scary dangerous place to stay in, but the mesmerizing beauty surely makes up for it in this awesome hotel!