10 Weird State Laws In America That Are Either Stupid, Dumb Or Unsual

Building an atomic bomb is somewhat strange, but don't you think that releasing 50 balloons in one hour shouldn't be a problem? Apparently, it is illegal in certain states of America! Here are some more stupid weird laws in the US...

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Walking With An Ice Cream Cone In Your Pocket On Sundays ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/stupid-weird-state-laws-in-the-us

In New York, putting an ice cream cone in your pockets on some specific days is not allowed. If you're spotted doing that, you're actually reprimanded for it - who could have thought of such stupid state laws!

Apparently, in Virginia, balloon mass releasing could cause a malfunction of a rocket going into space. Maybe they are a hazard to nature too, but the reason for this law just isn't clear.

In Colorado, rain water harvesting is considered as theft; water that falls on Colorado apparently belongs to the state. In another one of the cities of Colorado- Aspen, snowball fights are illegal; because it is considered as a violation of the local anti-missile law.

Being spotted with a ferret by the law enforcement, when hunting in Minnesota, is considered a crime that could earn you a jail term. Sponsoring a greased pig contest is also a misdemeanor.

Arranging a boxing match between two kangaroos in North Dakota is illegal; this actually is cruelty to the animals, which also have rights.

Subject to a fine if found building an atomic bomb. You'll actually get a penalty for building an atomic bomb in Hawaii. Of course, making bombs is illegal under federal and many states' laws.

It's a crime to sell the hair of a dog. In Delaware, an animal part's law that prohibits the sale of a dog's fur has been enforced. It's also in this state, where a person's marriage in another state should not be advertised on billboards.

In Alaska, there are rules that govern handling bears. For example, you're prohibited from waking a bear that's asleep so as to take a photograph. You're also not allowed to shoot them - not that is not a unusual law.

You need to get permission from the law enforcement so as to modify the weather in Alaska. It's also in this state where, if you're serving margarine in your hotel, you're not supposed to post a warning sign. Now that could be hazardous to those with allergies!