10 Extreme Selfie's Pictures - Brave And Stupid Things People Do In Front Of A Camera

OK, so there are stupid people and smart people in the world and there are a lot of ways to show off your stupidity, unfortunately. Here are some examples. Make sure you didn't eat before watching these, because it might make you sick to your stomack.

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Can you even imagine that there are people making this stupid, stupid hobby a professional job? This Russian named Kiril Oreshkin takes his job on another level. I don’t know whether he is more stupid that he decided to climb or that he is doing it without any proper gear? These photos make me sick to my stomach.

Just look at this view. I wish it was possible from down under. But, no. This photo is made from the top of the Edinburgh Bridge itself. Bradly Gereth, who made the shot, said that he didn't get the job at University of Edinburgh, and that is the reason he climbed all the way up there to take the most amazing shot with his camera. It is a nice photo, but odd way to deal with job interview rejection, don’t you think?!

British climber John Roberts woke up one day and thought about doing something extremely stupid or just try to kill himself in a slightly different way, by climbing unbelievably flat mountain side in South Africa. He managed this at the end, I mean he climbed. I wish he’d screamed YOLO while doing it. That would be so fun to watch.

Almost everyone liked climbing trees in their childhood, but this time it’s different. Try doing it on some of the biggest trees on the world, without any safety to protect you from falling to your death. Challenge accepted. NOT!

This one is so dangerous that you can't even look at it, making it so, so amazing selfie at the same time. How could a man even think to cross this bridge? If you could call it a bridge, anyway.

This guy probably thought he’d take a photo hanging off of a cliff and get as much likes on Instagram and Facebook as that fake rich kid got dislikes. And he actually did it. I don’t really know how many likes he got, but he got the “wow” from everybody who saw this photo. And not the oh-he’s-so-cool- wow, but the other way around wow. He certainly got the wow from me.

Let’s go camping! Let’s go! But, oh no, I’ve gotten sick of our tent. It became too small and too humid. Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s go set up a camp on the side of a mountain. That way we could read books, while having this amazing view in front of us. And also, we could swing to death. What do you think? Hmmm…I don’t!

The great bravery behind this is close to a real stupidity. By just looking at this photo you would beg that it is photoshoped. But I gotta admit it, this picture gives me shivers every time I even think of being at that place.

If you like exploring great sinkholes that resulted from a collapsing grand rock exposing underground water, this is the thing for you. I don’t even know how anyone could think of doing this?! But it is a nice selfie photo, I’ve gotta admit.

Riding your bike on a small, slippery, mountain trail is the best thing for mountain bike lovers. One mistake and you can end up as shark lunch, if they can find you, anyway. Or you can die either from knocking your head on the stone or falling from great height. That’s why I like my car.