10 Wicked Short Punk Hairstyles For Women In 2018

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Short Pop Punk Hairstyle With Fruity Orange Mohawk ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/short-punk-hairstyles

If you’re looking for an offbeat hairstyle to rock out with, look no further. Similar to, but different than the traditional Mohawk, this Mohawk is more of a poof and keeps the sides of the hair much longer. When you don’t keep the sides shaved, you allow more freedom in between haircuts. The most interesting factor in this hairstyle is the color added to the tapered sides instead of the Mohawk which results in a great alternative style. Tease the roots of your Mohawk and then smooth over gently with a comb and mist with hairspray for this relaxed but trendy look.

This dazzling punk hairstyle is a fun play off the traditional Mohawk with short hair. It’s not a very hard look to achieve either. First, use a volumizing gel or mousse on damp hair and blow dry away from the scalp. Then, pull all you hair to the top of your head and secure with clips. Lastly, tease the hair at the roots for height, permanently secure with bobby pins and spray with a light hold hairspray! This is a great look for Rock 'n' Roll girls too who want to play around with the punk style or look like a super star catwalk model.

This is a really cute hairstyle for thin or fine hair, and the color is just gorgeous. The gradient of colors adds depth and definition to an otherwise flat haircut. To achieve this ombre look, dye the hair platinum blonde all over, a blue-grey in the second third and finish off with black on the bottom third. The hair is cut just above the chin with longer pieces in the front to give it some delicate layers and angles.

For this hair to be so eye-catching, it has to be fairly short to begin with. That way the lines cut into it really stand out. This is a super bold and unapologetic hairstyle for those punk chicks out there. Remember that cutting your hair like this requires a lot of upkeep to maintain visible straight lines. Add chunks of color for an even more outrageous look.

This is a carefree style for punk girls that don’t feel like wasting time with their hair. It’s tapered from the neckline to the top to give it slightly more length than you would see in the skinhead style. Leave the bangs slightly longer and pushed to the side with this haircut for a more feminine look. Feel free to experiment with colors and remember – the bolder the better!

This is a really cute hairstyle that combines a no fuss haircut with an injection of vivid color to show off your bold personality. The haircut which is a slightly overgrown pixie, features long side-swept bangs. You can play with a ton of texture in the back and still have and experiment with funky colors in the front. It makes for a fun and feminine look!

This hairstyle is really interesting because it combines an elegant cut with vivid punk rock coloring. The bob is edgier than its typical counterparts because of its uneven sides which can flatter a round or square face. The rich red and unexpected cobalt blue are an awesome and outlandishly beautiful combination.

This blunt cut hairstyle works best on naturally straight hair-thick or thin. It’s a daring cut, but it’s actually really flattering for heart shaped faces. It adds width to the lower half of the face to balance a narrow chin and wide forehead. Straight iron this style and piece out chunks with some molding paste for a really cool look.

This is an ultra-sleek pixie cut infused with a rich violet color. The dog ears (longer pieces in front of your ear) are a popular feature in punk-subculture hairstyles. They are extra-long here for a dramatic take on the Chelsea haircut. It versatile because you can use smoothing serum for a sleek look like this, or use some texturizing paste and tousle it to your liking for an edgier style.

This is not a hairstyle for the faint of heart. Show off your punk style with a chic geometric cut that’s sure to catch a lot of attention. Make the hairstyle even more stunning by adding color with the color blocking technique. It’s a much edgier style than highlighting and it’s meant to add blocks of bright color to larger sections of hair.