10 Best Short Emo Hairstyles For Guys In 2018

Guys, if you are looking for badass ideas on how to style your short hair these top cool Emo haircuts for boys will give you a great look that is edgy and awesome.

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This is the more casual of the emo looks for guys. This hairstyle lives and breathes with a flat iron. Straitening the hair gives it those razor sharp points you’re looking for. This particular hair cut is interesting because the hair is shaggy on the top but longer on the bottom. When styling, bring all the hair forward toward the face instead of spiking the hair up in the back for a different look.

This is a really dramatic short to medium length hairstyle for the ultimate dark-side emo guy. The hair is layered and angled around the face. In the back, all the layers are pushed up and styled similarly to a Mohawk, but instead of down the back of the head, it creates a fan effect for ear to ear. Have some serious hair wax on hand and don’t forget your hairspray!

When emo guys come to mind, this is the hair style you think of. The long layers in the back are flat-ironed, teased and pieced out for a spiky halo effect. The bangs frame the face by growing in length from the eyebrow angled down the face all the way to below the chin. Add some blonde that pokes out from under the black bangs for an even more emo look.

If you like the emo style but prefer a more natural look then this one is for you. Tapered bangs are kept to one side with a deep side parting. This is a fun hair cut for guys with a little bit of wave or curl because it flows nicely, so don’t try to tame it! Add some subtle highlights that are weaved in for some natural definition.

Go bold and dye your hair an all over bright blue. In the emo style, the brighter the color the better! Tease the top of the hair for extra texture and height. And if that’s not enough, throw on a folded up bandana. Wrap it around the hair and pull your bangs out over it for a great hairstyle.

This is a perfect emo hairstyle for guys that like a little more variety of length to their hair. Tousled shorter layers are concentrated in the back and the front of the hair is kept smooth and sleek. Dark blonde highlights are added throughout to add even more personality to the look. Feel free to experiment with other colors here if you think blonde isn’t interesting enough for you.

This boyish hairstyle punches up the color factor with a bright orange hue instead of the traditional black associated with emo fashion. Long layers in the hair and side swept bangs frame the face perfectly. Heavy bangs like this can also help to cover a strong forehead or soften an angular face.

This haircut is a cross between emo hair and a mohawk. Like a typical mohawk, the sides of the head are shaved and the hair is down the center of the head. Here’s the twist: this haircut is a fairly short mohawk so it stands up with little product, but the bangs are left extra-long and swept to the side. It’s an awesome twist on two classics that together create a clever combination.

This short to medium length emo hairstyle for men is super flattering and attractive. The shaggy bangs pushed to the side and shading the eyes create an air of mystery. Personalize this haircut by adding a masculine blue in the bangs or a few blond chunks on the sides.

This hairstyle stays nice and smooth and doesn’t play with texture until you get to the bangs. The bangs are cut asymmetrically and have two layers. In the bottom layer, the hair is dyed purple which creates a really cool peekaboo effect. Experiment with different peekaboo colors, the options are endless if you’re feeling creative!