10 Best Short Emo Hairstyles For Girls In 2018

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Is girly girl long hair not for you? This is the perfect short Emo hairstyle for a hardcore chick. Short tapered layers in the back with long pointed dog ears and V-shaped bangs create a dramatic asymmetrical haircut for a confident personality to pull off. Add a chunk of red in the front to kick it up a notch.

Dog ears are a popular trend amongst emo girls, especially when the entire cut is short and you can really show them off. This haircut also really shows off this bright turquoise. The hair is cut into layers so that the color underneath really shows through. Show off your bold personality with an equally intense color.

If you like to combine your emo style with chic sensibility, this is the best short hairstyle for you. The layers are stacked and teased for height in the back and the bangs are pulled forward and cut straight across, grazing the eyelashes. The bottom layer of the hair is sleek and long. Use a flat iron and smoothing serum for a polished and beautiful look.

This is a basic angled bob, but the most attractive feature of the haircut is the gorgeous slate blue color on top. If you have light blue eyes, this will make them pop like nothing else! The black hair underneath is a perfect contrast to make the color stand out.

These adorable little pigtails are perfect for an Pop Emo girl with short hair. With this many layers, length in the back can be awkward when it’s longer than a pixie but shorter than shoulder length, and this is a great remedy. Keep your dog ears out of the pigtails for even more emo style points.

The rainbow color pattern in this scene hairstyle is amazing. If you have a flamboyant personality and want a hairstyle to match, this is it. The side swept bangs are always flattering on any facial shape. Remember to bleach your hair as light as possible to get your colors this bright, and condition often to maintain hair helath and shine.

This is a funky emo twist on a classic bob hairstyle. The vivid purple highlights throughout the hair and the raxor cut layers around the face create a perfectly edgy style. It’s also very versatile. With a little pomade and teasing you could a highly texturized emo look, or use smoothing serum for a more polished and refined look.

The faux hawk is a great emo fashion statement. It can be as dramatic or subtle as you like and it’s fairly simple to do, which cuts down your time wasted getting ready in the morning. The sides and back of this haircut are short and tapered and the top is left longer. Rub a dollop of hair wax in your fingers and run it through your hair for a quick and easy emo hairstyle!

If you like to show off your hair, but don’t like a lot of maintenance, look no further. The red and violet highlights pop against dark brown hair for a gorgeous short hairstyle. This haircut is best for naturally straight and fine hair so it doesn’t get frizzy and poufy. Mist lightly with hairspray to tame fly aways.

An all over head of green hair is a daring choice but with this cut it looks fabulous! The ultra-short bangs give off a vintage vibe and the chin length bob is tres chic. If you do decide to take the plunge to go green, be ready to maintain the color often as it has a tendency to fade unattractively.