10 Badass Punk Hairstyles For Men In 2018

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Technicolor Mohawk Punk Rock Hairstyle ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/punk-hairstyles-for-men

If you’re a die-hard punk, then you already know that the Mohawk is the ultimate symbol of the movement. It’s a haircut that can be personalized endlessly. Choose your length, and keep in mind that the longer you can grow it, the more spectacular it becomes. Try this technicolor madness for an unforgettable look or dial it back with just one or two brash colors.

The Undercut is a great punk hairstyle for men. It features trimmed sides and longer hair on top. When trying this look, experiment with different lengths on the sides versus the top to figure out how dramatic of a look you like best. This haircut is flattering on most men, but it works best with thick hair and worst with receding hairlines or strong foreheads.

Wow the masses with this impressive hairstyle. The foot long plus Mohawk is a showstopper and actually fairly easy to maintain. Just upkeep the sides with regular shaving and let the rest grow! Try long spikes instead of the fan style for a different look.

This super short hairstyle is an easily achievable nod to the classic punk Mohawk. This particular haircut however is tapered from the neckline up instead of shaved to one length and long on top. The great thing about the length on top is that it is so versatile. Spike it up for a fauxhawk or lick it to the side for a professional look. If you really want to ramp up the style factor, add a jolt of color like this vivid red.

Geometric Shaved Head cut -This is a great short punk hairstyle for those guys with ultra-short hair out there. Different lengths with no blending create this amazing effect. Feel free to experiment with different shapes and patterns to personalize your look. While we think confidence is key to pulling off a look, this haircut does actually look better with darker hair because the geometric shapes are more visible.

Liberty Spikes are a classic and popular punk style for dudes. They scream anarchy and rebellion from societal hair norms. This is a great style for a bold and confident personality that doesn’t mind a lot of stares coming their way. Dye the spikes any color you like-the style possibilities are endless!

The skinhead look is a classic punk spin off. It’s low maintenance – just shave your entire head when it gets too long. Plus is requires literally no styling so this is great for guys that like to get up and go. Although typically bright colors have punk written all over them, this is one hairstyle that would be better left natural. The hair is too short and cut too often to maintain any consistent color.

This haircut is ideal if you want to master that sexy I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. There are shaggy layers cut throughout and the bangs are angled and pushed to the side. Use pomade and run your hand through your hair to tousle it to your liking. Don’t over think it-the imperfection is the best part.

The pompadour is a fantastic throwback look to the old greaser days for guys. It leans toward the rockabilly end of the punk spectrum, but is no less dramatic. Slick back the sides for the ultimate focus to be on the height. Use a strong wax or gel and stand the hair straight up on top, help it to curve backwards slightly for perfection, or let a strand or two fall out for that casual cool “Danny Zuko” look.

Think outside the box when you consider trying a fauxhawk. Punk fashion is all about being outside the norm. Liberate yourself and try dying it bright blue or cutting a diamond shape pattern into the side. Then all you have to do is throw a little pomade in the hair on top and spike it up for a really cool and intricate hairstyle.