10 Unique Punk Hairstyles For Girls In 2018

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This stunning haircut showcases heavy layering, which allows for a ton of texture play. It’s also very versatile. Use smoothing serum and a flat iron to keep your hairstyle sleek and polished, or bust out some molding paste and run your hands through it for that “I just rolled out of bed looking this hot” look. If you enjoy freedom in your beauty routine, this is a great hair cut for you.

This hairstyle is about as punk as it gets. A bleach blonde Mohawk screams for attention, so if you’re looking to make a bold statement-try this look. The most interesting thing about this haircut is how incredibly versatile it is. The hair, if it isn’t styled, would be a stacked bob that was cut between chin-length and shoulder-length. The sides are only shaved 1-2 inches past the natural hairline which could easily be hidden. If you work in a professional setting, but still want to be able to flaunt your Mohawk when you feel like it, this is for you.

This gorgeous modified Chelsea haircut features the sides of the head shaved, blunt cut bangs that graze the eyebrows and long layers in the back. This is a super cute hairstyle that leans toward the feminine side of punk style. The subtle pastel pink and blue highlights on the lower half of the hair add a whimsical touch and can be totally personalized to suit your own personal style!

This is a fabulous haircut for punk girls with long curly hair. Let your natural texture go untamed! Cher Lloyd has her head shaved on one side to give a nod to the punk style without totally committing to the skinhead movement. It’s a cute and edgy hairstyle that can actually be hidden simply by parting your hair on the opposite side. The tri-color look is simple: Leave the top third natural, bleach the bottom two-thirds, and dye the last third your choice of funky color.

Bring the good kind of drama into your life with this dramatic bouffant. Punk rock is all about going against the norm, and this steampunk hairstyle declares anarchy on all those traditional bobs and ponytails out there. Get out your teasing comb and your hairspray ladies! Slick the sides of your hair back to keep the height and avoid a puffball.

This eye-catching electric blue hair color is as impressive as it is pretty. Bright and bold hair colors are staples on the punk rock scene. The best way to get a vivid color like this is to bleach it first. Then, in a separate process, apply your favorite color dye. Remember to condition your hair frequently after processing to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

This is a pretty and whimsical hairstyle for those punk chicks out there that like to show off their girly side. The hot pink color with sky blue highlights a perfect complement to a bold and fun personality. Because the color is so striking, it’s great to down play the style and let your hair’s natural texture shine through. If your hair’s texture falls flat, spritz the roots with a volumizer like dry shampoo, and run some hair paste through the ends with your hands-tousle and go!

The ultimate punk statement piece is a big black Mohawk. Always spectacular, this haircut is a perfect homage to all your punk rock idols. Feel free to experiment with colors, black is classic but why not try a different bright color? This hair cut is high maintenance though with frequent haircuts and lots of product, so think carefully before you make the commitment.

This steampunk hairstyle for girls is a really unique take on a classic punk staple: the Mohawk. This particular cut features a wider Mohawk than usual and a neutral, medium brown color with very natural blonde highlights. The braid along the hairline is a great way add even more definition and personal style to your own look. This is the perfect way to blend punk rock with an earthy vibe.

This hair style is gorgeous with its vivid red and complementing blonde colors. The blonde highlights are concentrated from the mid-shaft to the ends of the layers that frame her face which makes this a really unique hair style. The haircut is also a fun way to rock the punk look and still keep your length. The long layers and side swept bangs are cute and flattering. To achieve this hairstyle, blow dry with a round brush for volume and tease the back for height.