Top 10 Most Expensive Things To Buy That Are Better Than WhatsApp

How to spend money? I think we all know that very well. Here are some suggestions if you happen to have 19 billion dollars on your account ...these are really cool things to buy!

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Buying this machine, which is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, at $11 billion, is more viable than buying a messaging app for a figure way above that. In an attempt to delay its electro-activation, people filed a law suit against Khan, amid fears that it would create a black hole, and eat the planet.

A single flight to space on Virgin Galactic costs $250,000. With $19 billion, very many people can actually get to space.

Although the industry is a venture that has lost feasibility because of the downloading and streaming of music, it’s still cheaper than buying a single messaging app for $19 billion.

The Card Players, which is currently the most expensive painting ever sold, was sold for over a quarter of a billion dollars. The painting, which looks as if someone spread paint haphazardly onto a canvas, was sold for $140 million dollars in 1948 at number five. Although it requires a deep understanding and love for art, the painting is worth the amount paid.

The 2014 USA national school lunch program budget is $9 billion, which is a bit bargain. This is a lot of lunch for the schools, and it only costs $9 billion.

Paying the student loan debt for the entire USA will only cost $18.74 billion. On average, the debt of a US student is $29,000. However, due to changes now, US student loan debt is double that. The good thing about that is that you don’t have to pay it back if you don’t earn a fortune, contrary to the US.

Even if the entire planet was to be fed with quality food, it will never be enough. The eyes of man are never satisfied; people will either complain of not getting what they want or not getting what they desire.

This is a worthy cause, and it costs less than $19 billion used to buy Whatsapp.

The recovery cost for Typhon Haiyan disaster was estimated at $6 billion. The disaster led to the death of more than 5,000 people, who could have been saved by the $19 billion.

They are 12 times over world’s tallest towers situated in Dubai. They are worthier than Mark Zuckerberg’s venture.