3 Mommy And Baby Fitness Workout Videos That Will Change Your Post Pregnancy Exercises For Good

Wonder what kind of post pregnancy workout you can do with your infant or toddler? Check out these fun fitness exercises every mom and baby can do at home, some are terrifying and mind-boggling too.

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The most adorable baby workout video I've seen by Criscilla Anderson, the creator of "Fit Mom Movement". Totally love it, the baby is so adorable.

Another super cute mom and baby yoga routine with easy to do poses. This workout is especially effective for getting moms into shape - pre-pregnancy body back.

This infant workout yoga exercise by the 51 year-old Russian woman is unbelievable, almost looking like child abuse where she spins and flips the child in extremely dangerous moves that can potentially cause permanent life threatening injuries to the baby.

It's a very controversial subject that many fitness trainers around the world would disagree. But according to Lena, who is practicing this form of baby yoga, it is totally safe and beneficial to children.