13 Master Bedroom Design Ideas So Cool They Seem Unreal

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Ford-Bed Steals The Show In Las Vegas-Style Bedroom ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/master-bedroom-design-ideas

Sleeping in a car doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Hop into a legendary red Ford reconditioned as a bed and sleep your nights under a starry sky in this awesome Las Vegas-styled master bedroom idea.

This over-the-top luxurious aquarium-themed ensuite takes out-of-the-box design into a whole new level. The wooden floors and the blue accents go so well together that they emphasize the pure white bed. This under water design is perfect for someone who is looking for a 5-star hotel sanctuary after a long, tiring day.

There is perhaps nothing more relaxing than being able to unwind in your ensuite - a bedroom with a hot Jacuzzi pool right across your bed. Dipping your feet and then totally submerging your body in the crystal clear waters will wash all your worries away. Notice the foldable glass curtains which can stretch out to form a wall to separate the bedroom from the turquoise pool. The sophisticated ambiance will also lift your spirits.

This majestic design will make you feel like a royalty inside your very own castle. The dark colors, and differently textured fabrics add to the seductive appeal of the room which will be great for couples. It’s design is an elegant mixture of classic, traditional, and Gothic.

Sleek is beautiful – this principle also applies when designing a space. And this master bedroom is a testament to that notion. The modern glossy interior, confident color red and bold black combination, and eclectic decor make this bedroom exude as much charm as it possibly can. The infusion of Japanese, Chinese and Korean in contemporary Western style is best suited for an independent bachelor.

Purple is the color of wealth, elegance and sophistication. This is one of the reasons why ladies would like their rooms to be designed with it as the primary color. To add a solid and confident charisma to the soft and mellow purple, why not make a maze out of your ceilings and walls? Career women will love this interior design idea.

If the world is a stage, why shouldn’t your bedroom be one too? This opulent and magnificent Elizabethan-styled bedroom looks stunning with its grand architectural design and lavish furniture and curtains.

You can never go wrong with black and white. The use of contrasts along with the master ceiling, clean lines, bold patterns, varied textures and breathtaking view makes this bedroom seem like it came straight out of fantasy land. This bedroom is a subtle form of being one with nature.

That’s right, bears in your bedroom! In this massive wooden bedroom you'll feel like you wake up in a taxidermist’s shop every day. Truly unforgettable with its stately bed and luxurious leather furniture.

When winter is fast approaching, you'll want to be warm and cozy. This master bedroom designed with rustic details will be a breathtaking sanctuary amidst the cold weather. The wooden ceiling, classic chandelier, and blazing fireplace will keep sound asleep even in the middle of a snowstorm.

The transparent ceiling above the bed can make every waking moment spectacular as you watch the clouds pass by. And just imagine how wonderful it will be when you can count the stars before going to bed! The sleek style of shelves together with the touches of real colors make this master bedroom truly appealing.

If you want it extremely plain in color, but striking in shape, then this bedroom is made for you. This minimalist-styled master bedroom looks neat and perfect. There is no need to add accent colors because white is the perfect match for the round encasement of the room.

The key in making an industrial bedroom look modern and sophisticated is in the arrangement of structural items. You have to position them in such a way that they will be more of a decor than plain objects. There should also be just one dominant color-- the room is made alive by playing with the shades. Architectural wall art and contrasting textures will also make it more appealing.