10 Best Long Scene Haircuts For Girls In 2018

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This cute haircut features a combination of long layers from the middle down, and short choppy layers on top. The far side parting makes the bangs look extra full. The bright blue color concentrated in the bangs and dog ears on the sides, looks amazing as it fades into the black.

This is an adorable scene cut. The extra-long hair and side swept bangs are flattering on all facial shapes. The platinum blonde hair really makes the bright blue color blocking stand out. Tease the back and sides of this cut for added volume on top and feel free to add a cute accessory like a bow.

This gorgeous haircut is flattering on almost every facial shape with its angled bangs and face framing layers. The black on the underside of the blonde creates a really cool contrast effect. To get the most from this hairstyle, tease the back for volume and piece out the layers in front with some molding paste.

This dark and rich pink is fabulously vivid, and perfect to match any fun-loving personality. If you’re planning to wear your hair straight every day, try out a stripe or checked pattern on the ends. The full bangs graze the eyebrows and move downward to create a soft feminine effect to subdue and angular face.

This hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular with the scene crowd, looking like a wicked wild tiger mane. Blonde hair creates a great canvas for any kind of color play, even horizontal stripes. The best place to position the stripes are on a straight and smooth part of your hair. Many people choose the bangs or chunks of hair underneath, just be sure the hair won’t do a lot of moving or you’ll end up with a crooked pattern.

If you love girly colors, try candy colored pink and periwinkle combo. It’s such a pretty hairstyle that definitely has the scene queen factor. On the lower half of the hair, why not bring out your wild side and dye a leopard print pattern! The wispy layers of this haircut are great for girls with square faces, they work to soften those angles.

The smoothness of this hairstyle is a perfect way to show off highlights and color blocks. This is such a pretty mix of purples and pinks perfect for the girliest of scene girls. The long bangs are very flattering and can help elongate a facial shape if necessary. Tease some volume into the back for extra oomph.

In this haircut, the natural waves of the hair are free to do what they want. A long side swept bang, flatters the face and flows perfectly into the rest of the hair. Tapered layers toward the bottom help keep the hair from getting to wide and poufy at the ends. Add a pop of color to peek through underneath your hair-have fun with color experimentation here because you can hide it if you need too!

This is the perfect scene cut for girls with curls. The layers help the hair to curl more naturally by taking out the heaviness that can weigh curls and waves down. Also, by taking out the weight in the back, volume exists almost effortlessly. Let your natural texture run free and give yourself a break from all those hot tools. Works great for black hair color.

If you want to keep all of your length but also want to try bangs evey now and then, try the faux bangs scene style. Give your hair a deep side part and drape the hair across the forehead. Secure the other side with a bobby pin and you’re goog to go! The pastel pink, blonde and mint green color combination create a cute and whimsical look.