Top 10 Life Hacks Tips That Will Save You A Great Deal Of Time & Money

These great life hack tips will help you avoid irritation by small things that go wrong in your lives, such as injuring your fingers while hammering down a nail, not being able to prolong your phone’s battery life, leftovers which come out of the microwave too hot or too cold, tangled up power cords and so on. Stop wasting your time trying to fix something that shouldn’t be taking up so much effort in the first place.

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Best Trick To Make A Drink Cold Within Minutes ❥❥❥

It’s a beautiful hot day and you want to sit and drink an ice cold drink. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten to put any of them in a fridge. What now? Don’t worry, there’s a really fast way to make your drink cold within minutes. Here is the best life hack trick: wrap up the drink in wet paper towels and put it in the freezer for fifteen minutes.

Most of us usually reheat leftovers. You’re probably used to this especially if you’re a student. You’re also probably used to doing this in the microwave. Have you ever found yourself heating something up in the microwave only to find that the outside ring of the plate is boiling hot, while the center of the plate is still cold?

Here is a great life hacking trick you can do. Arrange the food on your plate in a doughnut ring shape. Leave a gap in the center of the plate. By doing this, the food will get hot consistently due to the radiation of the microwave being fired only at the edges of the plate.

One of the most frustrating things in life is when you drop something very small and then you’re unable to find it. How often have you found yourself on your hands and knees, angrily looking for a tiny screw, earring or piercing? There is a clever life hack solution to this problem. Get your vacuum cleaner out, wrap an old stocking around the hole of your vacuum’s pole, and then use that to suck in the tiny item safely. The item will be sucked to the stocking, but it will safely remain there instead of ending up inside of the vacuum cleaner.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to do everything themselves around the house and you tend to rush into things, you will probably injure yourself at some point. Here is a life hack tip that can stop a very common injury. If you’re going to hammer a nail into a wall, don’t use your fingers to hold the nail in pace. Instead, use a clothespin. This item will keep the nail in place and keep your fingers out of harm’s way.

Most of us have to deal with taking out the bag out of our trash bins and placing it on the street so that it can be collected in the morning. You might have noticed one bad thing about this. Bin juice that leaks through the bag is quite possibly one of the most disgusting things on this planet. However, there’s an awesome life hack tip you can try to stop the bag from leaking: grab some old newspaper and place it at the bottom of your bin.

Most of us have found ourselves in a situation where we had tons of messy power cords running around our desks or behind our TVs. It looks bad, but it can also be dangerous. Many various solutions to this problem already exist, such as tying cables together. There is also another handy and simple solution. You can use colorful bread tags by placing them on each cord. By doing this you’ll manage to keep your power cords neat, but also tag them through a color coded system. This means that you could then be able to identify which cables are which, even when they end up tangled again.

You know that you’re about to run low on your phone’s battery, but you don’t want to switch it off to save power. What can you do to save your battery’s juice? There is a very easy life hack that doesn’t include shutting your phone down. Simply put your phone on airplane mode. This will not only increase your battery’s life, but it will also disable most advertisements in games.

Finding the end of a roll of tape is something that infuriates all of us. How many times have you rolled a roll of tape in your fingers while trying to find its end with your fingernails? This problem can be easily avoided with this easy life hack: take a paper clip or bread tab and use it to mark the end of the tape. Simply attach one of these two items to the tape’s end.

Your keyboard is most likely filled with muck. Don’t worry; there are really easy to remove with these two life hack cleaning tips.

The first method is a little bit time consuming. If you have a pack of Post-It notes, use the sticky part and fold it through the keyboard. This will grab some of that muck. This works even better if you’ve shaken the keyboard so that it all moved down to only one end.

If you don’t plan on wasting money on one of those oxygen tanks to spray the keyboard with, the second method is a pretty good substitute. Clean out a used up ketchup bottle, fill it with air and us it to spray air upon and through your keyboard. Both methods work if you’re trying to clean out dust, crumbs and hair. If you’ve spilled a liquid on your keyboard, unfortunately these two methods will definitely not help.

Most people carry very expensive items when they travel, such as laptops, phones, cameras and similar equipment. These items are very important to us. These items are also not very easily replaced when left without them. How often did you find yourself in a position where you were extremely exhausted and wanted to sleep, but you couldn’t because you were travelling and you didn’t want to leave your bag unsupervised? There is a very simple life hacking solution to such a problem. When you’re using public transport and you want to take a nap, simply tie your bag around your ankle. If you don’t have something to tie it with, it’s perfectly fine if you place your ankle through the straps of your bag. If anybody attempts to take it, you will be woken up.