picture idea ➙ Youtube.com by Lidija Drakulic

If you need a gift for a toddler or small child, the “Snowball Fight” DIY gift is the perfect choice! It’s quite easy to make, extremely fun to play with, but also quite safe.

Materials needed:
- white yarn
- a bucket
- paint pens
- stick on letters

How to make it step by step:
1. Take your bucket and decorate it with the paint markers. Be creative!
2. Take the stick on letters and place them onto the bucket. Spell out “Snowball Fight”!
3. Take the white yarn and wrap it around your fingers.
4. Cut off the rest of the yarn when you wrap enough of it.
5. Take a ten inch strip of the yarn and thread it through your fingers.
6. Tie the strip of yarn that you threaded into a really tight knot.
7. Remove the yarn from your fingers.
8. You will see a bunch of little loops. Take your scissors and cut through the loops to reveal your little pom-pom. You can make them in any sizes, depending on how many fingers you wrap the yarn around.
9. Make enough to fill up your bucket.