Cool Small Dog in Shades with Style Heading for The Beach!

Cool Small Dog In Shades With Style Heading For The Beach!
sportin' my new shades from lucy. human looked ridonculous in them, but i think orange is my color.

Poof Mohawk Short Punk Rock Hairstyle

Poof Mohawk Short Punk Rock Hairstyle
This dazzling punk hairstyle is a fun play off the traditional Mohawk with short hair. It’s not a very hard look to achieve either. First, use a volumizing gel or mousse on damp hair and blow dry away from the scalp. Then, pull all you hair to the top of your head and secure with clips. Lastly, tease the hair at the roots for height, permanently secure with bobby pins and spray with a light hold hairspray! This is a great look for Rock 'n' Roll girls too who want to play around with the punk style or look like a super star catwalk model.

Geometric Line Punk Rock Hairstyle for Bold Girls

Geometric Line Punk Rock Hairstyle For Bold Girls
For this hair to be so eye-catching, it has to be fairly short to begin with. That way the lines cut into it really stand out. This is a super bold and unapologetic hairstyle for those punk chicks out there. Remember that cutting your hair like this requires a lot of upkeep to maintain visible straight lines. Add chunks of color for an even more outrageous look.

Short Emo Layers with Long Straight Hair

Short Emo Layers With Long Straight Hair
This haircut features ultra-short layers on top to create texture and volume on their own. Flat iron these little hairs straight up and they should have no problem staying up if you mist with a bit of hairspray. Flat iron the rest of the hair for a straight sleek look, and consider throwing in a bit of purple to peek out under the bangs.