by Ai Sha

Another amazing fact about seahorses is that pregnant males with bigger bellies are considered very attractive and have a higher chance of having more mates. Can you imagine a new fashion trend for men to have potbellies? Mm.

The male seahorses hold the responsibility of carrying, protecting, and nourishing the eggs from the moment they are conceived until they are born. Not many species in the animal kingdom do that. This feature makes it easier for us to differentiate between the male seahorses and the females. As only the males have the ability to get pregnant, they have brood pouches on their abdomens. When the males are not pregnant, the pouch can be seen like a deflated balloon with a slit right under the torso. Female seahorses do not have pouches. That gives them a sharp curve that differentiate between the torso area and the start of the tail. Can you guess which one is which in the picture?

The answer: The male is on the left and the female is on the right.