by Jonathan

The playful and charming beauty of this outdoor sting lighting design is pretty much self explanatory. Though it requires some work and a bit of electric diy skills, if you have a man in the house, this should be a piece of cake.

The whole idea behind this hanging pendant lights is creating a special ambiance to your outdoor backward, deck,  garden or winery experience. Whether it's lanterns, crystal balls, or Christmas string lights covered with hand made birds out of wires, choose the one that perfectly compliments the mood you desire, such as playfulness, intimate feeling or simply a relaxed and warm summer night atmosphere.

Your creativity is what will make this pendant track lighting set up unique and personalized. Try mixing and paying around with many designs. For example, replacing tiki torches with flameless candles is a great idea to try, as they are safe to handle even with kids hanging around, and the same time create that mysterious touch to any settings.