by Lindsey Perez

Wow your friends with these interesting miniature moons floating in the air with very soft glows of light, just enough to illuminate your Halloween costume or Easter holiday parties. These lunar globe lighting fixtures can be hanged indoor as well, but for the best impact, an outdoor layout during calm, dry and not so windy days is recommended.


To make the moon globes you will need:

  1. Perfectly round balloons (from party stores)
  2. Papyrus Paper (light weight, under 110gsm)
  3. Craft Glue

First, blow the balloons to the sizes you want and tighten them. Dip the papyrus paper into glue solution mixed with water at 50/50 ratio. Then tear apart these sheets of paper into narrow strips around 1 inch wide (2.5cm wide). After that lay these wet strips around your blown balloon to cover its surface, leaving only a hole just big enough to push the light bulb through later on, as shown in the picture to the right (which uses hemp strings instead of papyrus paper, but the principle is similar).

Leave your moon globe to dry completely (usually takes about 24 to 48 hrs) and you have the papyrus paper already turned into hard mold in the sphere shape of the balloon. Carefully release the air out the balloon and take it out and there you have a Luna globe ready for your Moon pendant lights show. Just be gentle with handling - these paper globes are very fragile.