by Shannon Nelson

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

Because love is like the water that is transformed into a cloud: it’s lifted up into the heavens, where it can see everything from a distance, aware that, one day, it will have to return to earth.

Because love is like the cloud that is transformed into rain: it is drawn down to the earth, where it waters the fields.

Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force.

Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning.

This beautiful and well put quote is taken from the book Aleph – a love novel written be the famous Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. If you believe in incarnation you will looove this book!

To be honest, I'm a big fan of his writing, most notably his best selling book of the history for a living author The Alchemist, which has sold over 65 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 150 different languages. It’s a beautiful fable about a Spanish shepherd who decided to risk everything to follow his dream. And he found True Love – a Soulmate, who happened to be part of his journey to finding treasure.

You can find many more meaningful sayings about love and relationship through another of Coelho’s book The Zahir – a real story about loving someone else more than yourself, loss and passionate obsession.