picture idea ➙ Youtube.com by Lidija Drakulic

Custom hand warmers are a very adorable, yet useful Christmas gifts that you can easily make for your friend, loved one or family member.

Materials needed:
- fleece or flannel
- rice
- thread and needle
- scissors

How to make it step by step:
1. Cut out the shape of your hand warmers.
2. Make sure you use fleece or flannel for your material because if you use something like polyester, it will melt in your microwave when you heat them up later.
3. Sew your cutout shape together until there’s just a little hole left.
4. Fill up the warmer with rice.
5. Sew it up completely to close the hole and then cut off the excess thread.
6. Make several more in different shapes if you want.
7. Take your warmers and place them into a microwave for 30-45 seconds.