picture idea ➙ Youtube.com by Lidija Drakulic

This gift is ideal for someone who likes to decorate their house, or change things around their room often. They will definitely love this cool Christmas gift idea!

Materials needed:
- gold leaf sealer
- gold leaf adhesive
- gold leaf sheets
- foam paintbrushes
- any base of your choice (in this example: Honey Bear container)

How to make it step by step:
1. In this example we are going to use a Honey Bear container. However, you can choose anything you want for your base. Remove the honey from the container.
2. Remove the labels from the container. If you put hot water into the container, the labels will remove easier.
3. Apply a thin layer of the adhesive onto the container.
4. Take a sheet of the gold leaf and apply it to your surface. Smooth it out with a foam brush.
5. After that, apply the sealer so that you can make sure the gold leaf doesn’t flake off.