by Amber Jackson

Sometimes it feels nearly impossible to focus on anything else when all you can think of is him or her, the very person you are obsessed with and need to let go of.

A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor

Those are the moments in our lives, when it calls for strength and courage to stand up for yourself and face the challenge you need to overcome.

Perhaps, there is a reason why you are obsessed with someone – maybe it is an opportunity for you to rediscover your true self – a clue that leads to the truth you are ought to seek out.

Get in touch with your inner child - let your playfulness, curiosity and pure imagination lead you to places where your treasure awaits.

Life has many quirky ways of communicating its intentions sometimes, unique to every individual. For some, it represents them as challenges, or even life threatening dangers, yet for others, them may surface as fruitful opportunities.

Ultimately, it is not the experiences that define who we are, but rather how we deal with them that shape the person we become.