by Amanda Williams

These are some really cool science experiments you can do at home with kids, great for Christmas, Halloween or other holiday party ideas.

Steves shows us how to use dry ice and hot water in cylinders with dish soap to create awesome gassy smoke bubbles that you can safely touch. Turn your living room into magical wonderland with these mystical white smokes from dry ice, perfect for many party occasions.

Or how about making your bottle of Pringle chips explode with hydrogen and oxygen burning inside?

All you need is a balloon filled with hydrogen gas and drill a hole in the Pringles bottle. Then fire it up... and wait for the surprise!  The potato chips are even edible after the experiment!

Lastly, a crazy Halloween experiment with carved pumpkin using hydrogen peroxide mixed with soap. Watch the pumkin explosion with smoky purple throw up.

Have lots of fun and happy experimenting :)