picture idea ➙ Lifehacker.com by Lidija Drakulic

Your keyboard is most likely filled with muck. Don’t worry; there are really easy to remove with these two life hack cleaning tips.

The first method is a little bit time consuming. If you have a pack of Post-It notes, use the sticky part and fold it through the keyboard. This will grab some of that muck. This works even better if you’ve shaken the keyboard so that it all moved down to only one end.

If you don’t plan on wasting money on one of those oxygen tanks to spray the keyboard with, the second method is a pretty good substitute. Clean out a used up ketchup bottle, fill it with air and us it to spray air upon and through your keyboard. Both methods work if you’re trying to clean out dust, crumbs and hair. If you’ve spilled a liquid on your keyboard, unfortunately these two methods will definitely not help.