picture idea ➙ Youtube.com by Lidija Drakulic

This is a very cute and awesome christmas gift idea that you can make for someone that you love. It’s very special and personal, yet extremely easy to make.

- a deck of cards
- a hole puncher
- sticker labels
- markers
- ribbons

How to make it step by step:
1. Start by punching two holes into each card on the same side. Since we cannot punch holes through them all at once, take four at a time and punch the holes in.
2. After you’re finished with punching in holes, take a sticker label and stick it onto a card. This will be the cover of your little book. Decorate it the way you would like to and write 52 Things I Love About You onto it. You can also place colorful stickers, draw something or whatever you want.
3. Put sticker labels onto the rest of the cards. Write one thing that you love about the person onto each one. Decorate each card the way you want to. Try to be as creative as you can.
4. When you’re finished with this, take a little ribbon and put it through the holes.
5. Tie the ribbon into a bow and you’re done!