by Erica Adams

Love the Russian accent! 10 interesting and cool experiments you'll learn to do in this video:

  1. How to separate the egg yolk from whites with nothing but a simple cheap plastic water bottle
  2. Funny way to peal off the eggshell by blowing it through two holes. Unusual way to eat eggs!
  3. Dissolving the eggshell by soaking it into vinegar to get a naked bouncy egg.
  4. Magically drop a whole egg into a bottle experiment - with burning paper, using gas pressure from hot air
  5. How to chemically cook eggs with alcohol without making fire
  6. Walking on egg trays without breaking the shells
  7. How to tell if an egg is boiled (cooked) or not by simply spinning it and checking the speed
  8. Egg sinking and floating density experiment with pure tap water, salted liquid and spoon
  9. Is it possible to balance a chicken egg vertically?
  10. Boiled egg heated in a barbecue grill