10 Easy Two Ingredient Recipes That Make Super Yummy Treats

This is the type of thing for all you lazy-to-go-buy and the-simpler-the-better people. These amazing two-ingredient recipes will blow your mind with their simplicity. Egg-Maple Suffle Banana – Oatmeal cookies and so much more.

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Ice-cream Bread ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/delicious-two-ingredient-recipes

Ice cream and self-rising flour. This is it! Clearly, it seems that if you add self-rising to anything, you come up with something delicious- seemingly! The most interesting thing about this recipe is that you can choose from a variety of ice cream flavors- depending on your taste; which when mixed with self-rising flour, make a very delicious- though quite unhealthy- ice cream bread.

Melting chocolate and cream cheese. This is just amazing- all you need to do is drizzle cream cheese with melting chocolate and you've got yourself a mind-blowing dessert! Really easy!

Self-rising flour and eggnog. The content of this recipe point to one direction- delicious! Put together, these ingredients make flavorful eggnog muffins, with smooth and appetizing texture that is good to go with tea or coffee. The frosting is an extra ingredient, but if you don't have it, make it, you won't regret it! I would have an eggnog muffin any day, any time!

Buttermilk and self-rising flour. Combined together, they make a tasty home-made American biscuits- with or without sugar and butter.

Nutella and eggs, which make a nutella treat. There's no need for flour in this cake; if you just blend nutella with eggs, you have yourself a flourless nutella cake.

Granulated sugar and frozen puff pastry sheets. It doesn't matter what mood I'm in or what day it is, I would have pastry at any time. Blended together with granulated sugar, frozen pastry sheets make irresistible palmiers.

Broccoli florets and garlic hummus. When cooked alone, broccoli can be very plain; but if mixed up with garlic hummus, they make a toothsome, creamy garlic broccoli. Greens can't get better than this!

Chicken breast and Italian dressing. Although Italian dressing consists of other ingredients and herbs, if you have it ready you can combine it with chicken breast to make a very easy-to-cook delicious Italian chicken.

Eggs and maple. There is no need for butter and sugar for this cooking instruction. It may not sound mouthwatering, but if you like eggs and maple syrup, then these two ingredients make a healthy maple soufflé.

Ripe bananas and rolled oats. If you have ripe bananas in your fruit bowl, then all you need is a couple of rolled oats, and you're ready to prepare delicious banana oatmeal cookies.