Top 50 Cute Short Hairstyles Of All Time. Fabulous Girly Haircuts For All Hair Colors & Face Shapes.

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Faux Bob Cute Short Haircut ❥❥❥

Taylor Swift almost tricked us with her faux bob. It works because the hair is tucked up underneath itself and is easiest to do with curly textured hair that can hide clips. This is a great idea for those women who are thinking of trying a shorter look but are still afraid to take the plunge. It’s also a beautiful style for special occasions.

Michelle Williams proves that you can rock a pixie with a round face! The boyish style compliments her feminine face and creates a perfect combination and enhances her best features. If you love this look, go to your local stylist. He or she is trained in the art of creating styles to work with facial shapes and can make your hair look its best.

Emma stone looks beautiful with this classic bob and side swept bangs. Side swept bangs bring the eye over and down which creates angles on a delicate, rounded face. Bangs look best when they rest at a woman’s cheekbones. Again, keeping the length of the bob below her chin adds length to the face. This look is great because it’s so versatile. It can look very polished and sophisticated, or with a bit of texturizer-fun and edgy!

Emma Watson’s super-short pixie really suits her. It’s a classic and mature look perfect for a young woman who is growing up. It’s a style that speaks confidence and is very flattering for square, oval and heart shaped faces. The wispy bangs add a touch of femininity and fun. The other great thing about this style is that it grows out nicely, letting you experiment with different short styles along the way.

Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful with her highlighted lob (long bob). The tousled locks are trendy and appear effortless. Adding peek-a-boo highlights underneath can elongate a neck and also provide a great way to personalize your look. This look is perfect for someone who wants to have the option to hide her highlights or show them off depending on the style. It’s a trendy young look that suits all facial shapes!

Ellen Pompeo looks exquisite in this retro style! This 1920’s pin up style is coming back into popularity. It’s an ultra-stylish look that exudes old Hollywood glamour. This is a fun vintage look that can be achieved by styling your hair in pin curls and setting lotion while it’s wet, overnight. In the morning gently take them down and brush you hair out!

Victoria Beckham looks fabulous with an angled bob. This is a great style for women with high cheekbones; the angles accentuate chiseled features. Pump up the volume in the back by teasing and smooth over with a brush and finishing spray for chic and sleek height. It can also be a fun hairstyle because as it grows you can play with how dramatic of an angle you like.

Christina Hendricks looks stunning in this 1960’s inspired hairdo. Feeing daring? Try this bold red color! This sexy, voluminous hair is perfect for any woman. Get the look by setting your hair in hot rollers and teasing it from all sides (hairspray is your best friend). Combine the hairstyle with winged eyeliner and this vintage look is unmistakable and trendy!

Rita Ora keeps it funky with this tousled Mohawk. This is a versatile look that works with different lengths, styles and textures. Slick it back for a sleek look, use molding wax for a punk-inspired look. Perfect for the carefree, creative type of girl who wants to be able to play with her style every day.

Gwen Stefani looks fabulous with this curly style that just touches her shoulders. The look is a reminiscent of vintage 70’s glamour. Get the look by curling tiny sections of your hair around a 1in curling iron. Tease the sides out big and twist your bangs and pin them back. The style is unforgettable and you’re sure to get compliments!

Amber Rose is proof that hair doesn’t make you gorgeous. Shaved heads on women are becoming more popular. A lot of people choose the style for charity reasons or to support others, but others choose the look because it can be hot! Now is the time to try out some daring make up choices-all the focus is on your face! Amber pairs her shaved head with a bold red lip and it turned out stunning.

Mandy Moore rocks a short cut-no problem. This shaggy, below the chin cut is perfect for her round face. Keeping the hair below the chin helps to elongate the face and the shaggy layers create definition. Also, keeping her hair swept back reduces the chance of adding width to the face which is another no-no for round faces. Adding more short layers on top creates height and gives the illusion of a longer face.

Miley Cyrus shocked everyone when she ditched her long brunette tresses and traded them for a platinum Mohawk. The look is strikingly bold and edgy for someone looking for a daring new style to suit their confident personality. It draws attention to her face and shows off a modern and funky sense of style. Consult a professional stylist to make sure your hair stays platinum and not yellow.

Halle Berry is a huge fan of the spikey pixie cut, and because of her, so are we! She makes this boyish style look feminine with its short and soft bangs. You can also play with a ton of texture on top to add height and interest. Remember to be sparing with the product to keep the hair feeling touchable and not crunchy. It’s a natural and effortless look, perfect for the girl who prefers no-muss no-fuss hair!

Carey Mulligan looks ethereal with her wispy blonde layered bob. This hairstyle is perfect for women with thin hair, as it creates subtle volume and gives hair extra texture. It’s also a very feminine style which softens strong facial features. The soft layers give this a romantic look great for any occasion. Blow dry your hair with a round brush to create soft volume at home.

Pink combines her rocker-chic vibe with a girly pastel pink for a spot-on-trend combination. This is a great look for girls who love the rockabilly style or girls who just like vintage hairstyles. Try a bold color, like Pink did here, for an even more whimsical look. Make sure to have a great molding paste, tons of hairspray and a slew of bobby pins for this look-it's sure to be an attention grabber!

Katy Perry looks young and sweet with her blonde bob. The touch of pink is a great way to add personality to an otherwise simple haircut. The great thing about blonde hair is that you can add anything too it-permanent colors, temporary colors, bright colors, even pastel colors show up. If you don’t want to commit to permanent color, then you can always try a hair chalk. It washes out in the shower and gives you a ton of color options to try!

Tyra banks looks edgy with her razor cut bob. Razor cutting adds texture and can cut weight out of the bottom of the hair. This style is versatile because straight and smooth it looks trendy and different, but add a little product and texturize with your hands, and it takes this style to another level of edgy. Add some heavy, dark makeup like Tyra and you’ve got a sexy new look!

Kelly Osbourne looks divine with her platinum blonde chin-length bob. This short hairstyle is very flattering for women with pear-shaped faces (a face shape where the widest points of your jaw are a bit wider than the widest points of your hairline), because it creates the illusion of a more oval-shaped face. The platinum blonde color adds a dramatic and trendy twist to a classic look!

Jessica Chastain looks sweet and pretty with her ginger colored bob. It’s a hairstyle that is simple and practical. The long side swept bangs add a romantic touch to a sophisticated cut. Get the look by setting you hair in rollers while you finish your makeup. By the time you’re done, your hair will be curled beautifully without having to waste tie with a curling iron.

Mila Kunis looks gorgeous with this romantic lob. Ombre is incredibly trendy lately and this style of ombre is subtle and very pretty. The voluminous curls create a really feminine look perfect for a special occasion or date. Get the look by teasing the back of your hair and using a large barreled curling iron. Run your fingers through the curls to make them look natural.

Anne Hathaway looks lovely with a pixie. A pixie can be surprisingly versatile. One way to mix it up is to have short bangs. With a pixie, they don’t look overly cropped and it opens up the face and frames it nicely. By keeping the bangs piece-y it softens the whole look-taking a masculine style haircut and making it girly! Subtle texture cut into the top gives you more styling options.

It’s no secret that Cameron Diaz looks amazing with short hair, and this is no exception. This casual bob is so flattering. The long side swept bangs add a bit of whimsical romance and the layers fall perfectly around the face. This is a great style for women who like a sweet and stylish look with not a ton of maintenance. It has a carefree grace that is irresistible!

Anna Faris looks perfect with this blunt cut bob. It’s a great hairstyle for someone with thin, straight hair and delicate features. The blunt cut below the chin keeps the style from widening the face. Get this look by straight ironing your hair and misting with a finishing spray to add shine and reduce fly-aways. It’s that simple!

Cara Delevingne is a definite trendsetter with this haircut. The angular bob and blunt cut bangs frame the face and are a great choice for thick hair. This is a bold look that does require a bit of maintenance to retain the geometric shape and keep the bangs out of the eyes. Try pairing this look with a futuristic style of make up like Cara and get ready to become a showstopper!

Ashley Olsen looks radiant in her version of a lob. It’s a style with all the right things-movement, texture and shine. With the parting down the center, this style is perfect for heart shaped faces. The soft waves add a feminine vibe to a blunt cut. It’s a versatile length that can be fixed into many different styles. Get experimenting!

Katie Holmes looks sultry with her bob. This ultra-sleek bob is a great look for anyone. The piece-y bangs could cover a high forehead, the framing layers could narrow a wide face and the beveled bottom edge is chic and sophisticated. Keep your hair this shiny by conditioning and avoiding damaging hot tools, then add an anti-frizz serum to stave fly-aways.

Ashlee Simpson looks adorable in this classic bob with a twist. If you already have a bob, channel your inner flower child and style your hair with a flower crown! It’s a fun way to change up your look and the effect is a really cute and youthful style. Want to go green? Make your own natural flower crown out of wild flowers you can find around your house.

Rihanna looks great again with short red hair this time. With this look, it’s all about the fringe. Bright red, bold, voluminous bangs. Letting the bangs be curly adds a sexy feminine flair. To get this red hot hairdo, visit your local hair stylist. It’s difficult to get red this bright without it fading very quickly so it’s best to trust a professional. Once you’ve got your color, run some product through your hair and tousle away!

Keira Knightley looks adorable with this long messy pixie. Its unstructured and mussed style gives you that “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look. For women who want to look both stylish and effortless-this is the right look for you. Keep your hair healthy and conditioned for natural shine and add a little product for pliable texture. Remember that when styling a look like this, less is more. Don’t try to make it perfect-it’s the imperfection that makes it so great.

Even though Beyoncé only sported this blonde, asymmetrical bob for a short while, she did it brilliantly. It’s a quirky and fun girly look perfect for square faces because it elongates the face and draws the eye downward. The uneven length softens the square shape of a strong jaw and highlights the length of the neck. Best cute short hairstyle for teenagers or young women in their early 20's.

Hayden Panettiere opts for an ultra-mod look with this slicked back style. It’s a clean and sleek look great a professional or special occasion. It also makes the face the main focus if you want a fresh canvas for your make-up. Pair this look with a dramatic eye and monochromatic colors for the best modern effect.

Jessie J dons this Cleopatra inspired bob wonderfully. It's long enough to graze the top of her shoulders lengthening her neck and giving her more styling options. While also being short enough to keep it low maintenance. This style is best for thick, naturally straight hair. Keep a flat iron and anti-frizz serum to keep this style polished and sleek.

Katherine Heigl looks radiant with a short, curled hairstyle. The romantic waves make this an ultra-feminine style perfect for all facial shapes. This is a perfect look for a special occasion or date-night. Pair this style with bold red lips and subtle eye makeup, like Katherine, for an even more glamorous look.

Katy Perry is a trendsetter who loves to try out different haircuts and bold hair colors. She looks fantastic with this electric blue, angular bob. This hairstyle works particularly well for a round face, as it creates the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face. The neon color adds excitement for any hairstyle or face shape. If you want this look and have the confidence to pull it off, seek out a professional hair stylist to really make your color pop!

Scarlett Johansson looks beautiful with this tousled lob (a “lob” is a long bob). This hairstyle is flirty, feminine and fun. The choppy layers add tons of texture and volume. Also, it’s a great choice for naturally wavy or curly hair because it gives hair the freedom to do its own thing without having to use a ton of products or hot tools to style. Perfect low-maintenance choice-great for the girl on the go!

Angelina Jolie looks sultry pulling off vintage finger ways fantastically. Finger waves are great for short hairstyles because the hair is not too heavy and can be held easily in place with products. It’s a sexy look full of old Hollywood sophistication and glamour. Since vintage hairstyles have surged in popularity, it’s a great time to experiment with this look.

Mena Suvari looks great with her hair cropped. With this ultra-cropped style you get the luxury of not wasting your time styling your hair endlessly. If you’re bold enough to go this short (and don’t forget it WILL grow back if you don’t like it), remember that this is a great time to wear statement earrings that otherwise would be hidden or tangled up in your hair.

Kirsten Dunst looks adorable with this classic bob. She flawlessly manages the “girl-next-door” style and looks pretty and polished. The barrette is a great addition to personalize your style and show off your fashion sense. Pair this haircut with natural make-up to look fresh-faced and young. It’s a versatile look that works in any situation and doesn’t take too much work!

Kristen Stewart looks great with long hair, but she also rocks a grungy lob. This is a great alternative style for women with short hair who don’t go for all the girly looks out there. Also it gives you freedom to let your hair be in its natural state and give it a break from hot tools. Pair it with dark colored locks and heavy makeup for the ultimate vampy look. Oops, did I make that pun?

Alicia Keys is stunning with this short hairstyle. Keeping your hair tapered on the sides and curly on top is not only a great look, but very low maintenance. It keeps your hair from turning into a frizzy, round poof. Keep it sleek and shiny with some anti-frizz serum, style it like you want it and top it off with some finishing spray to keep fly-aways in their place.

Ginnifer Goodwin looks fabulous with this cropped and layered style, even with a round face. The length of the bangs enhance her features and give them more definition. Also, the layering around her face is a must. It keeps the hair from falling flat against her head which can make the face look wider. The edgy cropped look and the soft feminine layering make this the ultimate combination!

Sienna Miller shines with a long pixie cut. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that requires much less maintenance than a traditional pixie cut. If you don’t want to go to the salon to maintain your look every four to six weeks, then go longer. That way you only have to keep your bangs in check between cuts. Also, the length of the bangs gives you the option to part down the center or to the side.

Liv Tyler looks gorgeous with this bob and deep side part. This is an ideal cut for a thin face. Keep the length above or below the chin like Liv does. A deep side part or bangs that extend to the outer corner of the eyes make the face look wider. Be careful the cut isn’t too blunt; thin faces tend to be more angular and you want to soften that.

Solange Knowles looks absolutely gorgeous with her hair natural. Why try to force you hair to do something else? It’s the ultimate look to accentuate natural beauty and express your inner-self. Release your hair from its coifed and hair sprayed cages! This is the perfect look for the girl who loves herself as much as she loves her freedom.

Charlize Theron definitely pulls off this pixie cut. With cuts this short, it can be difficult to keep them looking feminine. Soft layers you can play with around the face can really help. Many girls will find that like Charlize, they don’t need long hair to be beautiful. This is a great cut for absolutely minimal maintenance. Add some light natural makeup and your look is complete!

Kelly Osbourne looks fantastic with her purple pompadour. Want a short hair style as daring as you? Keep the look feminine by creating soft volume like Kelly did. Just smooth the sides, tease the top and lightly run a brush over the teased area to contain it. Pair it with subtle make up for an unconventional but classy look.

Nicki Minaj showcases her bold and fashion forward personality with this haircut. The heavy fringe boldly frames the face and draws attention to her eyes and mouth. The bright green color is only for the most daring of fashionistas. Despite the color, the cut is a very sleek and flattering one. This a look that won’t go unnoticed.

Rihanna is the queen of constant hairstyle changes, but this is one of her best. It’s a cute pixie cut with chunky bangs-perfect for minimizing a high forehead. The side swept direction of the bangs add femininity and softens the face. Have your hair stylist cut your bangs with a razor. This will add texture and give them an edgy look.

Pink looks great while maintaining her rock star image with this faux hawk. The faux hawk is a fun way to get an edgy look without committing to a real mohawk. It is super funky and trendy and works on pretty much any facial shape. You can add to its drama with the height or maybe even adding crazy colors. The sky is the limit!