10 Best Cuddling Positions In Bed & On The Couch. How To Cuddle With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend In Most Cute, Intimate & Comfortable Ways

What are some of the best cuddling tips for couples and friends do you know? What do you guys like when cuddling? Whether it's laying in bed or a comfortable sofa or a couch, what types of cuddling positions do you enjoy the most?

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The Sweetheart's Cradle Cuddle Position Meaning ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/cuddling-positions

A very nurturing, relaxed, comfortable and loving position with intimate touch and caressing. The guys shoulder supports his girlfriend's head, while his hand holds her upper back. This gives her a sense of protection and safety.

Funny but spontaneous! This cute cuddling in sitting and standing position is perfect for friends, especially BFF (best friend forever) to show emotional support or simply express love - from the TV series "Friends".

"When a woman assumes the posterior position, it may indicate she is the more giving partner or that he needs special nurturing." - psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell.

This classic and comfortable couple cuddling position is great in bed or on a large couch with both laying on sides, forming the little spoon (the person snugged up inside) and the big spoon (the person wrapping outside). The little spoon puts her or his back toward the big spoon's stomach, while the big spoon's top arm wraps around his or her partner's waist.

In this intimate position it is very easy and natural to kiss lightly on the neck, run fingers around the head or lightly rub on thigh or leg for more pleasurable experience. In other words, it gives freedom to do a lot of cuddling in variety of creative ways. Experiment with your partner to find out what works best for you two.

One of the best cuddle positions for couples sitting on a couch or bed to arouse sexual desire with intimate caressing, touch and light kisses.

In this warm snuggle up in bed position one of you (usually the girlfriend) slip your head under the crook of your partner's (boyfriend's) arm, with your head touching his or her chest so you can feel your partner's heartbeats. Helps you feel secure, protected and cozy.
Tip for guys: occasional loving kissing on forehead will make the girl feel even more comfortable.

For guys, just sit yourself in the corner of the couch, with an optional cushion on the back to feel more comfy, and smush your body together while gently stroking her hair or rubbing her hip. This is very cuddly way of spending the night watching TV or a romantic movie together.

This good cuddle posture is best for when you want to maintain eye contact during a deep talk or conversation. It is a great way to develop connection with someone you are still dating or perhaps between close friends.

One person simply sits up, while the other lays down perpendicularly with their head resting in the other person's lap. The sitting person can play with his or her partner's hair, stroke the face or give light rubs around the shoulder and along the waist.

This facial cuddle is great for expressing mutual love and connection with your lover. It can be the best position while sitting side by side on a couch with limited space, and also feel very pleasant when in bed with one laying on top of the other.

Just like the traditional spoon cuddling position meaning, this one shows your affection and devotion to the partner, while perhaps, enjoying a movie together. Simply draw your lover really close, and squeeze them really tight, like a snug hug.

Awesome way to spend time together in Saturday weekend afternoon. Very relaxed position that feels comfortable for hours. Partners simply lie in bed in opposite directions and are free to concentrate on whatever activity they are doing, be it reading a book, checking emails, or shopping online, while their other free hand can caress each other gently in circular motions, using finger tips.