Top 10 Cool Duct Tape Uses - Creative Duct Tape Crafts Items For Fun DIY Projects

You forgot your flip flops on a pool day?! No problem, with these creative DIY duct tape crafts ideas you can make many things, here are some of the best uses if you're looking for what to do with duct tapes...

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A nice wallet in different shapes and colors. I'm looking at these and thinking I just might try and make one for myself.

Make this awesome girly rings for yourself or your friend, but don't make it if you're gonna propose, your future wife just might like a rock for that occasion. Trust me.

Looking for a creative bouquet to give to someone special? Here is the thing for you. Might take a little more time than just buying real flowers, but this is so worth it.

Sometimes, all a wo(man) needs is a new pair of shoes. I don't know about you, but I feel rejuvenated whenever I wear something new on my feet. This time, I just might keep some money in my pocket by making my old shoe look better and new with some duct tape. Great idea!

If you're getting tired of all of your bags, and you need a change, but you're on a low budget, get a duct tape and make a super cool bag yourself. That way you can choose your own colors and patterns.

Making a phone case and dock, which are getting more expensive with time. If you're cutting down your expenses, why not make your own phone case and dock using a duct tape? Obviously it would not look great, but it's a practical option!

If you got tired of your old, shabby table, make a new one spending just a couple of dollars for a duct tape. Few stripes or a totally new look for your table. It will brighten up and refresh your room.

If you're like me, loving the unique and have to have it your way, then these banners are made up just for you. Make it for different parties in different styles.

You can make unique Christmas accessories. Including a family in this project is a fun time guaranteed.

If you cannot afford to buy a decent necktie, get a duct tape! You'd obviously need to be creative to make a decent necktie with it.