Top 20 Funny Cat Attacking Dog GIF Pictures. This May Upset Your Friends. But They'll Love It.

When it comes to pet's relationship, the belief "cat afraid of dog" might be something most people take for granted. This compilation of animated cat attacks dog GIFs will prove otherwise. Cats can be man's best friend too...

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Heroic Cat Saves Little Boy's Life From Vicious Dog Attack ❥❥❥

This courageous cat literally chased away the brutal pit bull attacking a little child on the street. The whole scene was captured by a security camera which shows how the aggressive dog, out of no where, suddenly sneakily appeared behind a four years old boy who was playing with his bike, and started biting the child's leg, ripping it voraciously.

Within matter of seconds, the victim's family cat lunged at the dog and fearlessly chased the animal away before running back to the child to make sure he is safe. A cat like this is a real man's protector!

So rude of the cat to attack for no good reason!

"WTF is wrong with this horny dog? Poor cat being sexually abused." - super hilarious animated funny dog and cat gif.

This animated gif is so cool, I’m rolling laughing!

This fighting cat dog animated GIF demonstrates how domesticated pets' relationship should be, "size does not matter" :)

I didn't know cats and dogs can be so friendly yet playful with each other. Mine always fight.

The most adorable West Highland White Terrier puppy fighting a cat three times of his size ever! The feline doesn't give a damn...

So cunning yet playful.

Ferocious cat against brave dog, the war never ends...

picture idea ➙

The canine plans an opportunistic bite from behind by surprise, a but it ends with cat chasing dog.

This feline is small, and annoying.

Two adorable and lovely pets.

This is hilarious cat gif. I'm still having good time laughing.

Not for the faint of heart! 😉