10 Easy 1950's Hairstyles For A Vintage Retro Look

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In the 1950’s Lucille Ball was a television icon with her hilarious quips and bright red hair. She became a household name and her hairstyle is almost universally recognizable. This is a really fun retro look for ladies who want a bold hairstyle. Set your hair in rollers for an authentic appearance.

In the 1950’s Saucer Hats were all the rage and Greer Garson, a Hollywood starlet, looks flawless in this black one with lace trim. Vintage hats like this are a fantastic way to be stylish and are a great accessory for your easy hairstyle. Set your hair in pin curls for soft pretty waves and secure the hat with a few large hat pins so it doesn’t catch the wind and fly away.

Grace Kelly was a style Icon in the 1950’s and known for her glamour and sophistication, so this hairstyle is no different. Her hair is pulled into a chignon and the curls around her face are soft and delicate. This is a beautiful hairstyle for a special occasion or formal event. Use a smoothing serum to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny and mist some finishing spray on top to tame flyaways.

Sophia Loren made waves in the fashion world with many different hairstyles during the 1940’s, but this short voluminous one was extremely popular. Having your hair short like this really keeps the focus on your face which is what shows off Sophia’s exquisite features. Curl your hair away from the face and tease it for some extra height. Short wispy bangs give a soft and feminine addition.

This curled bob 1950's women's hairstyle frames Elizabeth Taylor’s strikingly beautiful features. It’s a hairstyle that exudes old Hollywood glamour and is almost universally flattering on all facial shapes. The best way to style you hair like this is to set it in pin curls overnight. This gives the hair a natural flow later when you style it and also cuts down on damage from hot tools so it’s a win-win! The next morning just brush out your curls and apply a little shine serum to polish off the hairstyle.

Jayne Mansfield was a blonde Bombshell in the 1950’s. This platinum blonde ponytail is a fantastic vintage hairstyle for women with longer hair. This is also a perfect look for on-the-go women who want a fun and flirty hairstyle but don’t want to spend a ton of time getting ready in the mornings.

Carey Grant was one of the most popular leading movie men of the 1940’s and starred alongside many gorgeous starlets of the era. He held his own next to them with his suave and debonair looks and style. His hair in particular really captured a sophisticated attractiveness about him, and it became a hugely popular hairstyle among men. To achieve this look today, part your hair far to the side and comb some gel through it to give it a polished smooth look.

Lauren Bacall was a Golden Age icon in the 1950’s for her husky voice and sultry looks, including her luxurious curled hairstyle. To achieve these vintage curls authentically, women of the 1940’s would set their damp hair in pin curls overnight. Nowadays, to get this same look, hot rollers are perfect and much more time efficient. After you take your pin curls or hot rollers down, gently brush your locks for these soft glamorous curls, and spritz with hairspray.

Vivien Leigh was a film star of the 1940’s with a gorgeous naturally curly brunette head of hair. This hairstyle is very easy to emulate. If you have naturally curly, shoulder length hair, simply part it down the center and guide the curls back away from the face. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, try setting it in pin curls overnight first.

Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll in the 1950’s. His famous pompadour hairstyle became an icon for men of that generation and attracted the attention of many women. The pompadour today is still a stylish look for men. These easy 50's hairstyles only need some pomade for texture and hold, and top them off with a finishing spray to add shine.